Jun. 12th, 2015

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(post edited to clarify some information at the request of a user on Tumblr)

It's that time again!  Time to celebrate all of our favourite C6D canon ladies with stories/fic/art/podfics/meta/yarnworks!

(banner by the incomparable Missionlameturtle!)

 Things this year will run basically like they did last year. Works will be added to a new 2015 Ladies Day AO3 collection and go-live will be on July 19.  

About Ladies Day: 
This is an informal, low-pressure fest dedicated to works centred on all the wonderful canon ladies in our various C6D fandoms, from Francesca Vecchio to Jane Taylor to Zoë Johansson to Martha Burns. You can find a general list of eligible fandoms HERE (if you don’t see your fandom on the list and aren’t sure if it’s eligible, comment here or email me. I want this to be as inclusive as possible, so chances are it’ll count).
Fest entries can be in any medium—if you make it, it’s eligible. Entries can be any rating, from General Audiences to Explicit, and can be gen, het, or femme-slash. M/F/M OT3s (eg. Fraser/RayK/Elaine) are allowed, but remember that the focus of this fest is on canon female characters.
To that end, genderbending or genderqueering is not allowed, UNLESS the focus remains on a canon female-identified character. So always-a-girl!RayK/Fraser would not be eligible.  Fic exploring gender changes is allowed, as long as the focus of the wok remains on a canon female character (for example, a Fraser/Victoria story in which Fraser is a woman is fine, as long as the focus of the work remains on Victoria. Works about Victoria as a trans woman would also be fine.  These are just examples, basically anything that isn't a work centring on one of the canon male characters is welcome!).  
HERE is the link to the C6D Ladies Day 2015 collection on the AO3. To post your work, all you have to do is click the Post to Collection button and then fill out the form. If you need an AO3 invite or any help with the posting format, let me know!
Works will remain unrevealed until the go live on July 19. When that happens, I’ll post an announcement here with a link to the collection.
All right! Everybody go forth and make lots of awesome lady-centric fanworks! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me at seascribe at gmail.


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