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Fic repost to AO3, all previously posted on DW in the last year or so. (I'm not the author, but I highly rec this author's work in general). C6D fandoms: HCL, Flashpoint, Twitch City, Californication, Tin Man (crossover with the Labyrinth)


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new ficlet

Dec. 17th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Title: I've Got Your Number
Pairing: Lew Ashby (Californication)/Renfield Turnbull (Due South)
Length: 727 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Lew ponders monogamy and quotes Pablo Neruda. Part of this series of course, following Accidentally in Love and reminiscing Three. Gentle readers will forgive my crappy title and my sap sappy fluffiness, I hope...

I've Got Your Number
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I have four C6d series that are ongoing, and thought I would shamelessly pimp them here:

the Lew/Turnbull series (Due South x Californication) Yes, that's Lew Ashby/Renfield Turnbull. I couldn't tell you how or why this series started, but it's generally light-hearted, though occasionally angsty.

Ray/Ray vampire AU (Due South, Vecchio/Kowalski) There's two installments, and I anticipate it growing to four, or possibly more. Part one is fun, part two is dark, and it will likely get darker.

Due South/BSG verse (Due South, Durham County, BtVS, BSG) My multifandom mashup of insanity is mostly a meandering experiment with various snippets featuring a variety of characters.

Twisted (Due South, Vecchio/Kowalski) A sex slavery/mobster AU, dark and explicit.

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Find it HERE, also for dl. Beware spoilers if you haven't seen the show!


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