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You can find 4 short Slings & Arrows podfics mostly about Anna, a gen fic about Inspector Thatcher, a poem about Stella and Victoria, and a Stella Kowalski/Ray Vecchio fic  HERE for your reading and listening enjoyment.

Thank you so much to everybody who participated by creating something, sharing the fest announcements, or enjoying the works!  See you all next year. :)

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The fest  masterlist (with six  seven stories featuring Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Kowalski/Vecchio, Vecchio/Stella, Kowalski/Volpe, and Darryl van Horne/CKR!OMC) can be found here.
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2013 C6D Midsummer Santa Gift Exchange

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Some wonderful people took part in this year's Midsummer gift exchange. Check them out!

Thanks to everyone who played! You are all extremely awesome!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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The Number's On The Wall Tonight | DW | LJ | At AO3
Slash. First Time. Angst. Approx. 4,900 words. 18+ for sex. Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski; Ray Kowalski's POV.

Notes: Started (back in 2006) for the [profile] getfraserlaid challenge, prompt 253: lyrics from ‘Number on the Wall,’ by The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir: "Living in the night, you know I understand it; / Buried in my heart, you know it's heavy-handed. / You ever get the sense that you’ve run out of chances? / I don’t really know, it’s just the number on the wall tonight"
Beta’d by [profile] ignazwisdom who was very helpful. Thank you, sweetie. All remaining mistakes are my own.

Excerpt: Under the Mountie suit, there's Fraser — and this took Ray's instincts a long time to figure out, but he's a great detective, so he got there in the end, as soon as he stopped listening to what the Mountie was saying when he was lying by telling the wrong truths — under the Fraser who tried to be good and moral and true and everything a Mountie should be, there's Ben.
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Written as part of the 2012 due South/Canadian 6 Degrees Big Bang.

Title: Between Heartbeats
Author: [personal profile] hazelwho
Rating: Adult
Length: 22,518
Character/Pairing: Greg/Ed, Ed/Sophie (they are not married), eventual Ed/Greg/Sophie. With appearances by Jules, Donna, Winnie, Kira, Wordy, and a few other familiar faces.
Summary: A complete AU where everyone works in a hospital centered around Greg Parker (an ER doctor), and his evolving relationships with his best friend (Ed Lane, neurosurgeon) and the new hospital caterer (Sophie).
Warnings: There are polyamorous/open relationships (there is no partner betrayal, but there is some angst on Greg's part) as well as an eventual threesome relationship, brief mentions of OCs (some of whom I kill off), and brief descriptions of the injuries of trauma victims and medical procedures. Those with medical/hospital/death triggers should consider this before reading.
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Fic repost to AO3, all previously posted on DW in the last year or so. (I'm not the author, but I highly rec this author's work in general). C6D fandoms: HCL, Flashpoint, Twitch City, Californication, Tin Man (crossover with the Labyrinth)

Specifically )

new ficlet

Dec. 17th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Title: I've Got Your Number
Pairing: Lew Ashby (Californication)/Renfield Turnbull (Due South)
Length: 727 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Lew ponders monogamy and quotes Pablo Neruda. Part of this series of course, following Accidentally in Love and reminiscing Three. Gentle readers will forgive my crappy title and my sap sappy fluffiness, I hope...

I've Got Your Number


Dec. 11th, 2011 01:02 am
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I wrote a Flashpoint fill for [ profile] radioaches'
. Ed Lane/Sophie Lane, NC17, 1100 words, pegging (duh). and i lose by default. Or here at the AO3. Everyone should go and leave some prompts, because we can never have enough pegging in the world. \o/
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I have four C6d series that are ongoing, and thought I would shamelessly pimp them here:

the Lew/Turnbull series (Due South x Californication) Yes, that's Lew Ashby/Renfield Turnbull. I couldn't tell you how or why this series started, but it's generally light-hearted, though occasionally angsty.

Ray/Ray vampire AU (Due South, Vecchio/Kowalski) There's two installments, and I anticipate it growing to four, or possibly more. Part one is fun, part two is dark, and it will likely get darker.

Due South/BSG verse (Due South, Durham County, BtVS, BSG) My multifandom mashup of insanity is mostly a meandering experiment with various snippets featuring a variety of characters.

Twisted (Due South, Vecchio/Kowalski) A sex slavery/mobster AU, dark and explicit.

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Slings and Arrows:Kate/Jack
Wilby Wonderful:Buddy French
Rating:Mild drug humor and cute married
Drabble )
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Carol looked at him. It was remarkable, the resemblance.

"May I help you?"

She smiled, caught and attempted to bluff. "I'm Mrs. French."


"You've met my husband."

"This morning."

"Thanks, for holding the door."

"You're welcome."

Carol gestured, "Got to work." and then headed back to the realty office.
cycle )
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Fandom:Slings and Arrows, Wilby Wonderful
Rating:Themes related to canon.
Warnings:Darren and Uniform Kink

Curtain rises )

A due South/Slings and Arrows less than 400 words:Free It's a D/s AU.

Two "Worlds Collide" shorts at my dw.
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Wilby Wonderful Teens and Up Movie Themes Spoilers

Drabble )

Will someone else also post, I feel like a bandwidth hog?
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Wilby Wonderful
Rating:child included
no spoilers
Iggy's )

Yes, more )
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Wilby Wonderful
Kids could
Spoilers included

Step inside )
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Forgiveness. It's all
that stands between love and pain.
Let it in, clean rain.
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Arrival:Wilby Island
Fandom:due South, Wilby Wonderful
Rating:Kid friendly

Story )


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