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Written as part of the 2012 due South/Canadian 6 Degrees Big Bang.

Title: Between Heartbeats
Author: [personal profile] hazelwho
Rating: Adult
Length: 22,518
Character/Pairing: Greg/Ed, Ed/Sophie (they are not married), eventual Ed/Greg/Sophie. With appearances by Jules, Donna, Winnie, Kira, Wordy, and a few other familiar faces.
Summary: A complete AU where everyone works in a hospital centered around Greg Parker (an ER doctor), and his evolving relationships with his best friend (Ed Lane, neurosurgeon) and the new hospital caterer (Sophie).
Warnings: There are polyamorous/open relationships (there is no partner betrayal, but there is some angst on Greg's part) as well as an eventual threesome relationship, brief mentions of OCs (some of whom I kill off), and brief descriptions of the injuries of trauma victims and medical procedures. Those with medical/hospital/death triggers should consider this before reading.
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Fic repost to AO3, all previously posted on DW in the last year or so. (I'm not the author, but I highly rec this author's work in general). C6D fandoms: HCL, Flashpoint, Twitch City, Californication, Tin Man (crossover with the Labyrinth)


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It's been good times, hanging out with Curtis, Hope, Newbie, Lucky and all the Twitch City denizens.

However, it's juuuust about time to check on what Team One TEAM AWESOME has been up to, right? I'm talking, of course, about our next rewatch: Flashpoint Season 4!

There will be plenty of virtual tissues provided (since FP will eventually make everyone cry) and lots of squeeing at the grooviness of Ed, Greg, Spike, Jules, Sam and anyone who works for SRU.:D!

Join us on Skype every Sunday (starting April 15th and running until June 10th) at 2 p.m. US EST. We'll begin with the first two episodes ("Personal Effects" and "Good Cop").

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Dec. 11th, 2011 01:02 am
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I wrote a Flashpoint fill for [livejournal.com profile] radioaches'
. Ed Lane/Sophie Lane, NC17, 1100 words, pegging (duh). and i lose by default. Or here at the AO3. Everyone should go and leave some prompts, because we can never have enough pegging in the world. \o/
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I have two C6D stories to share with you guys! From my [community profile] kink_bingo card:

My Powers Of Resistance, They Do Nothing (RPF [Canadian Six Degrees] -- BtVS fusion, Ellen Page/Callum Keith Rennie, washing/cleaning) - 2143 words
Summary: When Ellen comes by covered in something horrible, she manages to talk Callum into letting her take a shower at his place. He is really, really determined not to let her talk him into anything else. Except he kind of sucks at that determination, and she's been wearing down his resistance for a few years now.
Content notes: Read more... )

It's The Only Moment That Counts (Flashpoint, Ed Lane/Donna Sabine, anonymity) - 7041 words
Summary: Ed and Donna think they can pretend it's not them, that they're just two people hooking up anonymously in a club. How long is that going to last when they go home together?
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Come over to Skype tomorrow and join us at the C6D Rewatch of Flashpoint. We're kicking off things with Season 1 of FP ("Scorpio" and "First in Line") at 2 p.m. US EST. :)

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