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My first-ever RPF, written for [personal profile] hazelwho in the 2013 C6D Midsummer Santa Exchange. I blame thank [personal profile] hazelwho for directing me to the depths of special hell for inspiring me to new heights of creativity.

Title: Clouds Like Snowfields, England's Sky
Rating: Mature
Category: M/M
Fandoms: Canadian Actor RPF, Canadian Six Degrees
Relationships: Hugh Dillon/Callum Keith Rennie, Callum Keith Rennie & Paul Gross UST
Character: Callum Keith Rennie
Summary: On a 10-hour flight from Canada to England, Callum thinks about his relationships with Hugh and with Paul.

Fic on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/922352

(Disclaimer : what it says on the tin -- purely a work of fiction, no libel intended against real persons.)
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I have two C6D stories to share with you guys! From my [community profile] kink_bingo card:

My Powers Of Resistance, They Do Nothing (RPF [Canadian Six Degrees] -- BtVS fusion, Ellen Page/Callum Keith Rennie, washing/cleaning) - 2143 words
Summary: When Ellen comes by covered in something horrible, she manages to talk Callum into letting her take a shower at his place. He is really, really determined not to let her talk him into anything else. Except he kind of sucks at that determination, and she's been wearing down his resistance for a few years now.
Content notes: Read more... )

It's The Only Moment That Counts (Flashpoint, Ed Lane/Donna Sabine, anonymity) - 7041 words
Summary: Ed and Donna think they can pretend it's not them, that they're just two people hooking up anonymously in a club. How long is that going to last when they go home together?
Content notes: Read more... )


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