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The due South/Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang fanworks are revealed - check out the collection HERE!!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped out this year - you guys are all amazing.
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Hello! There are still two fabulous works available to claim as a complement for this year's big bang! Previous sign up as a complementary creator is not required (though we'd love for you to fill out the info).

And if you've already claimed one work, but have the time and really want a second, this is your chance!

LINK to the sign up page
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Greetings C6D-lovers!  Yuletide has come and gone and there are a bazillion new small-fandom fics to read.  I didn't seem many C6D fandoms represented, but I did find a few (I don't claim this list is comprehensive):
  • Continuum (marginally C6D, by virtue of having as a recurring minor character Tahmoh Penikett, who played Helo on BSG, which also featured Callum Keith Rennie; it is at least Canadian): 2 fics in main Yuletide collection (one written by me)
  • due South (as a crossover with Spy: 1 fic in main Yuletide collection
  • Harper's Island: 1 fic in main Yuletide collection
  • Slings & Arrows: 1 fic in main Yuletide collection
  • Strange Empire (also marginally C6D, by virtue of also having Tahmoh Penikett as a recurring minor character, plus cameo by Tantoo Cardinal, and at least one other actor who is at most 2 steps from PG/CKR): 4 fics in main Yuletide collection
Did not find anything un Yuletide Madness.

Anyone see anything I missed?
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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! If you're looking for something new to read/look at on this fine day, might I suggest perusing this year's Big Bang? We have 8 new works this year to choose from - enjoy!

LINK to the AO3 Collection
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Happy autumn all!  Wondering where your next project is coming from? Check out the prompts at the due South/Canadian 6 Degrees Prompt Meme!

We currently have 24 fanworks and 105 prompts in a variety of fandoms.

Slight rules update (really, the rules I wanted all along except that there wasn't a way to make it automatic in AO3): no anonymous prompts.  As a fresh start, I've cleared out the anonymous prompts that were in there.

Come and play!
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This will be a transitional year for the due South Seekrit Santa. Longtime mod [personal profile] mergatrude will not be modding (TYK, merg, for all you've done for this fandom for so many years) and I will only be available sporadically because I'm going to Canada late November through early December and can't be sure of my online time while travelling.

For there to be a dSSS in 2015 we need some new additions to the dSSS mod team. If you want to be one of those new additions, comment here or email me(naive_savant at Hotmail dot com).
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You can find 4 short Slings & Arrows podfics mostly about Anna, a gen fic about Inspector Thatcher, a poem about Stella and Victoria, and a Stella Kowalski/Ray Vecchio fic  HERE for your reading and listening enjoyment.

Thank you so much to everybody who participated by creating something, sharing the fest announcements, or enjoying the works!  See you all next year. :)

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Still a few days left to finish up those female-centric dS/C6D fanworks!  Details at seascribe's original post.
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Happy Summer, all!  For anyone not working on Big Bang (or looking for a way to procrastinate on Big Bang?), I remind you that C6D Ladies' Day go-live date is July 19 -- a week from Saturday. Bring out yer female-centric dS/C6D fic!  Details at seascribe's original post.
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There's discussion going on over at ds_snippets/[community profile] dsc6dsnippets  about what we can do to keep DS/C6D alive and well on LJ/DW -- add your 2 cents, and thanks to malnpudl for getting the conversation started.  Meanwhile, it's given me the kick in the butt I needed to finally make this post I'd been planning...

We haven't seen any action over at the C6D Prompt Meme for a while, but there are 140 tempting prompts in a spread of dS/C6D fandoms, just waiting for you to fill them...  Come on in, the water's fine!

(And don't forget the Left Hand of Franklin collection, for all those fanworks relating to last year's finding of one of one of the ships of the Franklin Expedition.)
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(post edited to clarify some information at the request of a user on Tumblr)

It's that time again!  Time to celebrate all of our favourite C6D canon ladies with stories/fic/art/podfics/meta/yarnworks!

(banner by the incomparable Missionlameturtle!)

 Things this year will run basically like they did last year. Works will be added to a new 2015 Ladies Day AO3 collection and go-live will be on July 19.  

About Ladies Day: 
This is an informal, low-pressure fest dedicated to works centred on all the wonderful canon ladies in our various C6D fandoms, from Francesca Vecchio to Jane Taylor to Zoë Johansson to Martha Burns. You can find a general list of eligible fandoms HERE (if you don’t see your fandom on the list and aren’t sure if it’s eligible, comment here or email me. I want this to be as inclusive as possible, so chances are it’ll count).
Fest entries can be in any medium—if you make it, it’s eligible. Entries can be any rating, from General Audiences to Explicit, and can be gen, het, or femme-slash. M/F/M OT3s (eg. Fraser/RayK/Elaine) are allowed, but remember that the focus of this fest is on canon female characters.
To that end, genderbending or genderqueering is not allowed, UNLESS the focus remains on a canon female-identified character. So always-a-girl!RayK/Fraser would not be eligible.  Fic exploring gender changes is allowed, as long as the focus of the wok remains on a canon female character (for example, a Fraser/Victoria story in which Fraser is a woman is fine, as long as the focus of the work remains on Victoria. Works about Victoria as a trans woman would also be fine.  These are just examples, basically anything that isn't a work centring on one of the canon male characters is welcome!).  
HERE is the link to the C6D Ladies Day 2015 collection on the AO3. To post your work, all you have to do is click the Post to Collection button and then fill out the form. If you need an AO3 invite or any help with the posting format, let me know!
Works will remain unrevealed until the go live on July 19. When that happens, I’ll post an announcement here with a link to the collection.
All right! Everybody go forth and make lots of awesome lady-centric fanworks! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me at seascribe at gmail.

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If you want to participate in this year's big bang, but not create a Primary or Complementary piece, there are still options! Please consider volunteering as a beta or first-reader/cheerleader!

For more information, please visit this hopefully helpful post.
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We haven't seen any action over at the C6D Prompt Meme for a while, but there are 137 tempting prompts in a spread of dS/C6D fandoms, just waiting for you to fill them...  Come on in, the water's fine!

(And don't forget the Left Hand of Franklin collection, for all those fanworks relating to last year's finding of one of one of the ships of the Franklin Expedition.)
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TITLE: And in the End? It's Love

AUTHOR: [personal profile] ride_4ever

FANDOM: Hard Core Logo

PAIRING: Billy Tallent / Dead!Joe Dick

GENRE: Slash


PROMPT: Travelling to concert gig on the tour bus

RATING: Teen and Up

WORD COUNT: 200 words - double drabble

SUMMARY: The last words Joe and Billy heard together when Joe was alive are repeated by dead!Joe.

WARNING: Canonical character death precedes this fic.

(Yeah, the comm is for older not dead, but actually this fic has one older not dead character and one older AND dead character.)

Fic at AO3
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Happy new year, everyone!

Now that the holiday exchanges are over, are you looking for inspiration for your next project?  Why not fill a prompt over at the DS/C6D Prompt Meme?  Or dash off a snippet over at ds-snippets/dsc6d-snippets?

Maybe there will even be a return of the American Frottage Day mini-fest this winter (I'm not in charge of it, just circulating idle rumors over here :) ).
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Yep, I'm running it again! It's time to sign up for the annual C6D Valentines Day card exchange \o/

If you want more info, or better yet, to sign up and plaaaaaaaaaaaaay, here is the link
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Yuletide is an annual gift-fic exchange for small fandoms.  This year's collection includes (at least) the following C6D-ish fandoms:

Bomb Girls (1)
Hard Candy (1)
Slings & Arrows (4)
Wilby Wonderful (3)

Check 'em out!
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Written for a challenge of the dS_snippets comm on LJ : http://ds-snippets.livejournal.com/

Title: Appearances
Fandoms: due South, Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Characters: Ray Kowalski, Kara Thrace
Rating: Teen and Up
Length: Triple Drabble
Category: Gen
Prompts: The choice of prompts was : fail, fool, lead, loom, "When I left I had a choice, lose my mind or lose my voice". I used all of them!
Summary: Ray Kowalski is abducted by aliens...again.

(“Well, it would appear that you were abducted by aliens at the age of ten.” -- Fraser to RayK in “Seeing is Believing”)

Fic at AO3 : http://archiveofourown.org/works/2382053
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The 19th Older Not Dead (Love for the Over 40's) Promptathon is running now through the end of November at http://older-not-dead.livejournal.com/. The theme is "transportation" and the following prompts for dSC6D are in this promptathon:


Fraser/Kowalski. Helicopter (or) helicopter airlift.
Fraser/Kowalski. Motorcycle (or) motorcycle crash.
Fraser/Kowalski. Sleeper car.

Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling home for Christmas.
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling up the iceroads to see Benny and Kowalski.

Bob Fraser/Caroline Fraser. Dogsled.

Frannie Vecchio/Renfield Turnbull. Limousine.

Fraser/?. It has been a long time since Fraser hitchhiked, and longer still since he had to 'pay' for it.

Ray Vecchio/?. Buick Riviera.

?/?. Annual Chicago car show at McCormick Place.



Dead!Joe Dick/Billy Tallent. Travelling to concert gigs on the tour bus.



Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Anniversary trip.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Boating around the island.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Parade float.


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