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Arrival:Wilby Island
Fandom:due South, Wilby Wonderful
Rating:Kid friendly

Duck smiled looking at the two, make that three, bicyclists disembarking from the ferry. They weren't day-trippers, and only the child add-on looked newish. He pulled away, he had jobs to do.

Benton led, since he'd memorized the island map and thus knew the way to the conference hotel. He had most of the luggage as Regina's half-bike was incompatible with saddlebags. At the Loyalist he slowed and dismounted, looking for a bike rack.

"Go get us checked in and I'll wait out here." Tracy pulled into a parking spot and watched Regina hop down and Benton roll his bike into the spot and sweep the kick-stand down.

Benton released the chin-strap of his helmet and removed it , finger combing his hair with one hand before getting the pack from his bike. He stepped inside.


"I'm here for the law enforcement conference. Fraser, Benton. I would like to check-in, and would like to know where we could secure our bikes."


"Two bicycles. They have Chicago registration."

"Oh." The clerk looked down finding the reservation and got the key. "Most people just keep them on their carriers."

"We didn't drive."


Buddy drove by slowly in his cruiser. It didn't matter it was law enforcement, it was a conference and that meant there would be drinking and men (and women) away from their wives (husbands?) and all that went with those two things. It would be better all around if they kept any trouble down to a verbal warning.

He saw the two and a half bicycles, the adult and child all standing in a parking spot. Well, the girl was hopping down from the curb into the parking spot, and climbing back up. He pulled in two spaces over.

He got out and moseyed in the general direction. "May I help you?"

"My husband's--checking us in."

Buddy wondered why she was staring at him. He looked down at the girl looking up between her mother and himself.


Tracy exhaled as Benton grasped Regina's clasping hand.

Buddy's mouth dropped open.

"Benton Fraser, R.C.M.P."

"Buddy French." He belatedly offered his hand to the Mountie. "You're here for the conference."

"This is Tracy," He scooped up his daughter, "and this is Regina."

"Hello, Officer French."

Buddy smiled, then noticed how she was looking between himself and her father. "How old is she?"

"Almost five." Tracy directed at Benton. "Did you find out where there's a rack?"

Buddy took his cue and made his exit back to his patrol car. He watched them walk the bikes around to the other side.

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