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Wilby Wonderful
Rating:child included
no spoilers

Sandra managed to stop pouring before swamping the cup. "Sorry." She looked at the man that just came in with a brunette little girl. Not exactly like Buddy. "Soup's not ready yet, but feel free to mix and match otherwise. I'll go get your tea and milk."

She wondered who'd seen them so far. Island wasn't that big and this was the first she knew. Might have been their first stop after check-in if they came on the morning ferry. She went back out, with the promised tea and glass of milk.

"Thank you."

Sandra smiled. She was a cutie.


Carol looked back out the door wondering why Buddy was out of uniform. And,

"Kind of weird, isn't it? Deena pulled the top items from the awkward stack. "You thought that was Buddy!"

"He wasn't?"

"That's the Mountie. The married Mountie, mores the--" Deena smiled.

The conference. Carol sat her load on Deena's desk. She'd only sort of seen him. She certainly could recognize her husband. Distinguish. Discern the difference. She went back to look out the door.

Deena slipped behind her desk. As the door closed behind Carol she took out her magazine. Smart woman, the red-head, coming along.


Irene scowled as the Mountie's wife walked down the shop fronts. A woman couldn't help being tall if that's how her people ran, but she could well not wear her husband's clothes just because they fit.

Irene hadn't seen him yet, but she'd heard. Nothing good that sort of resemblance.

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I'm loving these little teasers.


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